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Meet our team members

Here are some of the people who make up our team! They're motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced. Read their biographies below to get to know them!

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Our Team

Kris Ashby

CEO and Owner of Company
Kris grew up in Provo Canyon and graduated from Orem High. He later studied business at Steven’s Hennegager College and Utah Valley University. He learned landscaping from his father who owned a landscaping company which has given home more than 44 years of experience. His favorite part about working at Spectrum is the people who work there, and getting to be in the mountains experiencing new challenges every day. Kris’ favorite plant is a Japanese Maple, and in his spare time he loves to be with his wife, kids, and 10 grandkids.

Quin Ashby

Account Manager
Quin grew up locally in Orem, UT. He studied at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University before going full time in the landscaping industry. His favorite thing about getting to work at Spectrum is the diversity and getting to do multiple types of work on different landscapes. He’s been in the industry since he was little, and loves to be outside and be creative. In his spare time is to fish, camp, and spend time in nature.

Cameron Ashby

Systems Manager
Cameron grew up in Orem, UT, and studied graphic design at Steven’s Henager College. He grew up in the landscaping industry and chose to pursue a career in it because he enjoys being able to use his creativity to help clients. His favorite part about working at Spectrum is the fun atmosphere and creative freedom that it offers. His favorite plant is a Japanese Maple, and loves to play video games, create artwork, meet new people, and spend time with his family.

Amber Stratton

Residential Account Manager
Amber grew up in Orem, UT, and studied landscape management and environmental science at Brigham Young University. She grew up in the landscaping industry and decided to pursue a career in it. Amber loves the fun atmosphere at Spectrum and especially loves all of the people she gets to work with. Her favorite plant is a Delphinium flower and in her spare time she likes to go rock climbing, white water rafting, take pictures, and go hiking.

Bret Pierce

Account Manager
Bret is from Orem, UT, and studied Business Management at Utah Valley University. Bret started working in the landscaping industry because he loves the outdoors and enjoys creating a beautiful place that anyone can enjoy. His favorite part about working at Spectrum is working for a company that cares about its employees. Bret’s favorite plant is a buckthorn shrub, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and kids.

Marianne Meek

Office Administrator
Marianne was born in Salt Lake City, UT, but has lived in Midway for most of her life. She knows what it’s like to work on both sides of the desk, having experience with HOA account management and landscaping management. Her favorite thing about working at Spectrum is learning from Kris Ashby and being with a company that cares for their clients. Marianne’s favorite plant is a Weeping Norway Spruce because it is beautiful and unique. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family hiking, biking, and being outdoors.

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