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Seasonal Clean-Ups

Utah is home to all 4 season. That's why we offer

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

Preparing your property for each season is essential for best landscape maintenance practices. 


“Spring Clean-Ups” involve the change of season after a cold winter. This is when plants come out of dormancy and start to grow and bloom again after the frigid months. There is usually a lot of dead plant debris leftover that needs to be cleared before your landscape will fully back to normal. This is when our professionals come in to clean up what’s left over, get rid of anything that’s not supposed to be there, and bring in new elements for the spring and summer seasons! 

“Fall Clean-Ups” involve the change of season from the warm summer leading into the cold winter. This is when plants need to be prepared to go into dormancy and are usually pruned or cut back. Proper preparation helps the plants rest during the winter, and come back just as impressive in the spring. This time of year trees are shedding mountains of leaves which can take quite a bit of time to clear out. Keeping your landscape clear of debris helps make your property easier to maintain during the snow season!


Frequently Asked Questions

Some years the seasons change earlier, and some years they change later. There is no specific date when clean-ups start, but it is typically around the beginning of May and the end of September. Be sure to stay updated to know when to expect seasonal cleaning!
Sometimes clean-ups are included in regular maintenance, and sometimes they're not. If you aren't sure about your property, give us a call and we can go over your contract. If you're starting maintenance with us for the first time, we always recommend including clean-ups in your contract!
Some winters are less intense than others, but the answer to this question is usually yes! If your property isn't cleaned and prepared each season, the leftover debris can prevent new growth and can even be a safety hazard.
The length of a clean-up can vary between each property. For example, if you have big trees with lots of leaves, it can take several days to clear everything especially when the leaves drop in different intervals. If you have smaller trees and less debris, it can be done in a day. Give us a call if you would like an estimate for the length of your specific clean-up.

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