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Snails and Slugs: Are They Good or Bad?

Snails and Slugs: Are They Good or Bad? If you’ve seen some slimy critters crawling around your yard, you’ve probably wondered if they should be considered your friends, or your enemies. Some people find them adorable, and others find them annoying. From a biological standpoint, they provide both benefits and detriments to a landscape. If […]
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Herbs You Should Grow Yourself at Home

Herbs You Should Grow Yourself at Home   Everyone has that one ingredient that they just always forget when they go to the grocery store. Herbs seem to be something that is either forgotten, out of stock, our outrageously priced. Pretty much every recipe calls for some kind of basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme, etc. A […]
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DIY Terrarium

DIY Terrarium If you love indoor plants, you’ve probably seen those adorable plant terrariums that have become more and more popular recently. They’ve increased in popularity not only because they’re beautiful and interesting to look at, but also because they’re actually so simple to create at home! Follow the steps listed below to create your […]
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At Home Plant Pest Solutions

At Home Plant Pest Solutions Everyone loves having plants around both inside and outside their homes. They’re attractive, fun to care for, and overall just nice to have around. However, they can sometimes attract unwanted creatures that can be harmful to them. A pest can be anything from a bunny to a microscopic bug. While […]
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How to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

How to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden Have you always wanted your own vegetable garden? Not only is it a fun hobby, it’s also a great way to make sure you’re getting more vitamins and nutrients in your diet! Starting your own vegetable garden isn’t as daunting as it seems, and is a super realistic […]
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