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The History of Landscape Design

The History of Landscape Design

The art of landscaping has been around for centuries. What started out as something used only by the royal has turned into something readily available to anyone who wants it. You may at some point have wondered, “where does my landscape design inspiration come from?”. The truth is that your design inspiration has probably come from all over the world! If you want to learn a little about the history of landscape design, read the paragraphs below.

Starting Out: Taming the Wild

Landscaping first became popular as a way to conquer nature. People used to be intimidated by overgrown wild areas of land, but when they were able to start gardening and landscaping those areas, it became a way for them to show their power and dominance over an area. The first known landscape design plan dates back as far as 1400 BCE in Egypt. People liked to use geometrical lines and shapes later on in Greece and used their mathematical discoveries in their landscaping as well.

Landscape Design Becoming More Accessible

As time passed and the world went from having mainly agrarian farming societies to having more urban life. Bigger cities became more common and small kinds of suburbs began to develop. This was seen early on in urban Greek life. They had their own personal courtyards and also accessible public spaces. Public parks were starting to be designed and they were used by all people nearby for recreation and exercise. This was adopted soon by many countries throughout the world and is part of the reason why we enjoy backyards and public parks today.

Big Landscaping Accomplishments

As landscaping became more common throughout the world, many of the big landscaping accomplishments that are still admired today were completed. For example, in 1607 the Palace of Versailles was completed. Those gardens are still kept and visited by many! This giant landscape became the inspiration for all French gardens. It has near-perfect symmetry and epitomizes an impressive “French” garden.

Landscaping History of the U.S

One of the biggest landscaping accomplishments within the United States is without a doubt Central Park in New York City. It’s considered a “masterpiece of landscape architecture” and was originally designed to give a small escape to those living a stressful urban life. It has also been extremely influential in reducing pollution in the city. Central Park has been used as an example of urban landscaping and has shaped urban landscaping throughout the entire U.S. 

Every landscape is different and pulls on inspiration from gardens all over the world. From being beautiful to look at, to conquering nature, to being a source of light and recreation, our societies have been shaped by our landscapes. If you want to make changes or additions to your landscape, be sure to give our professional landscapers a call today. 

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