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Trees: Are They Worth It?

Trees are known to show beauty, majesty, sophistication, and to bring character to landscapes. Under the right circumstances, they can grow to incredible heights and can create a sanctuary out of any property. However, you might be wondering, are they worth it? If you’re thinking about adding trees to your landscape, read on to learn why you should definitely invest in some of these beauties!

Reason #1 Shade and Privacy

The first reason you should think about investing in trees is because they can actually save you money in the long run. The shade that they provide can keep the temperature lower during hot months. This means less time running the AC, and more savings on your monthly electricity bill! Trees are also amazing because they provide a natural barrier between you and your neighbors without saying, “stay away”, like tall fences often can. Most people don’t want outsiders peering in on their properties, but fences can be expensive and unsightly. Trees, like the one in the picture, can create a natural barrier that blends in with the rest of your landscaping. With trees you can enjoy yourself freely in your own yard without worrying who could be watching!

Reason #2 They Increase the Value of Your Property

While trees are an investment at the time of their purchase, over time they actually pay for themselves. Studies have shown that when properties have mature trees throughout them, they are often more attractive to buyers. They increase the value of a residential property by around 7% or more! If your home has a value of around $400,000, this means an extra increase of about $28,000. That’s much more than the typical cost of trees and their installation. Not only do trees make a home beautiful, they also make it more valuable.

Reason #3 Trees Improve Air Quality

One of the best features about trees is that because of their biological makeup, they naturally clean the air around us. With carbon emission rising and the quality of our air questionable, now is the perfect time to invest in trees and make the air around your home a little greener. You can breathe easy knowing that you’ve done a little something to reduce your carbon footprint!

Reason #4 They Can Create a Fun Focal Point

Everyone wants that one thing about their landscape that makes people say, “wow!”. Your focal point can be a unique, stunning tree. Choose a tree that has unique properties like curvy branches or a weeping shape. Trees like a Weeping Cherry would be perfect if you’re going for an exclusive look. If you’re wanting an eye catching, loud statement for a focal point, try going with a flowering tree. During the blooming season they will brighten up your landscape with their flowers, and during the other times of the year you can decorate them with lights for a festive feeling. 

Trees are amazing living things that clean our air, show beauty, provide privacy, make a statement, and so much more. Be sure to speak with professional landscapers about which trees are right for your property and how to correctly install them.

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