4 Utah Landscaping Certifications/Courses You Might Be Interested In

If you’re a landscaping professional or just a person who is passionate about landscaping, getting certain qualifications and taking courses can really help you sharpen your skills. Staying up to date with current practices and techniques is essential if you want to stay relevant and excel in the field! Winter is the perfect time to brush up on your skills, take some classes, and learn new techniques while your properties are dormant. This article talks about 4 different courses you might be interested in and why you should consider them!

Anyone who is serious about caring for their property or doing landscaping as a full-time job should get a pest applicator license. No matter how well you care for a property, you are always going to run into problems with pests. It’s inevitable! Knowing practices that help you prevent and deal with pest issues will be vital to your landscape’s success. 

Utah has 3 different certifications: commercial applicator, non-commercial applicator, and private applicator. Depending on what you want your license for, you may want to consider different options that suit your needs best. Reviewing the test material and getting your license will be a great learning experience and will help you prepare to use both chemical and biological pest control methods.

A certified QWEL professional is a “qualified water efficient landscaper”. Utah has been going through a lot of drought issues lately, and water conservation is

 extremely important. The QWEL certification consists of some courses on water management that help you be a more water-efficient landscaper!

Click the link above to take a look at the website and learn about the curriculum. The course focuses on water-wise irrigation practices and helps you prioritize practices that are environmentally friendly. This is a great course for anyone who wants to use less water and help the environment!

Localscapes is an amazing local program that helps people use sustainable practices. They’re a Utah-based organization that offers free online classes! These courses are great because they’re free, applicable, and accessible. Some HOA’s in Utah are requiring that homeowners follow Localscape guidelines, so getting ahead of the game and learning techniques is a great way to set yourself apart. 

Some people associate Localscapes with Xeriscaping, but these are two different practices. Xeriscaping is a practice that replaces turfgrass with other water-friendly materials, while Localscapes don’t necessarily get rid of grass, they just minimize the grassy area and make it optimal for conservative irrigation.

The master gardener course is getting more and more popular as people get interested in their own landscapes. If you’re interested in learning skills as a landscaper or aspiring horticulturist, a Master Gardener course is a great option. This certification is by far the most work out of all the ones listed previously, but it’s much less rigorous than a bachelor’s degree. The course is around 14 weeks and teaches students a variety of skills and information. Click the link above to learn more about it!

We hope this information is useful to you as you consider developing new skills as a landscaper. If you have questions or would like to talk to a landscaping professional with the certifications listed above, give us a call today!

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