Native Utah Plants That Will Grow Amazingly in Your Landscape

Native Utah Plants That Will Grow Amazingly in Your Landscape

Before reading this article, ask yourself this question: If plants grow naturally in the wild, then why do I spend hundreds of dollars a year on watering and maintaining my yard? Shouldn’t the plants just take care of themselves? The answer is actually very simple. The plants that most people use in their yards are not actually native to the region they are planted, and therefore take extra effort to care for. 

For example, the turf grass you have growing in your lawn is probably native to somewhere in Europe! For that reason, the natural rainfall isn’t enough to keep it alive, and it will start to die if not cared for properly. Also, this means that a lot more water, fertilizer, and energy is used in typical landscaping. However, you can make your life a lot easier by incorporating native plants into your landscape. There are thousands of beautiful plant species that are native to Utah that will grow amazingly in your yard without much extra effort. Read on to learn what some of these species are!

Utah Holly: Mahonia fremontii

This colorful shrub is a personal favorite because of the variety of tones and colors it offers. If you look closely, this Holly has tones of green, red, orange, and yellow that develop and change throughout its lifetime. They’re amazing because they add so much dimension, yet require very little care. The only additional maintenance they require throughout the year is a little extra water depending on the season, and some pruning in the spring. Planting some in your landscape will bring you bright foliage, and a lot of bang for your buck.

Sulphur-Flower Buckwheat: Eriogonum Unbellatum

This eye catching, beautiful herbaceous plant will make a wonderful addition to any landscape. Buckwheat is really low maintenance, and has bright yellow flowers as a result. You can use these along the side of your home, in rock gardens, or really anywhere that needs a little filler! They are native to the western United States and for that reason they’ll grow amazingly in your Utah backyard.

Chives: Allium schoenoprasum

Believe it or not, the delicious chives you eat in your salad are actually really easy to grow and propagate naturally in the Utah region! While they are most likely originating from Europe, they grow as if they’re native to Utah. Not only that, but they provide an irresistible pink flower when they bloom. These make a great addition to a yard because they are both attractive and functional. By planting these you’ll fill your landscape with color, and have one less ingredient to grab when you go to the store. This herbaceous plant is known for being adaptable, and forgiving. When considering native Utah plants for your landscapes, be sure to consider Chives.

Native landscaping is a win-win for you, and for the environment. You get to enjoy amazing flowers and greenery, and you don’t take up an unnecessary amount of water for your maintenance. The plants listed in this article are only a small fraction of all of the native plants available to you! Be sure to follow our blog and contact your local landscaping professionals for help in your yard or to answer any questions you have.


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