The Pros and Cons of Installing a Water Feature

Water features add a striking element of elegance and sophistication to any property. However, they also bring a new level of maintenance that you might not be aware of. There are many pros to having one, and also many cons! If you’re wondering if a water feature is right for your landscape, read this article for helpful information. 

What is a Water Feature?

When most people think about having a water feature, the first thing that comes to mind is a fountain. This is one kind of water feature, however, there are many other kinds to consider! A water feature can be anything from a fountain, to a pond, to a reflecting pool, to a bird bath, a swimming pool, or so much more. If it’s an element of your landscape that includes water, chances are it’s a “water feature”.

Benefits of a Water Feature

    • Style

Water features can be very aesthetically pleasing. They can take your yard from looking average, to being a place you enjoy walking around and looking at. They also make a really great focal point. If you have an area in your yard that isn’t getting used or appreciated, a water feature can be the perfect addition. Also, if you want to make a style statement to your visitors or neighbors, having one in front of your property is another great place to have it. Water features tend to give off a very sophisticated feel.

    • Relaxation

Running water is proven to be very relaxing. The sound and ambiance that it gives off helps to calm nerves and put people at ease. If you want your yard to be a relaxing place to spend time in, a water feature is definitely for you. Even ones that don’t make much noise or don’t have running water have an ability to drown out sound waves and make your landscape more peaceful.

    • Wildlife

Water features attract wildlife because animals are naturally drawn to water. If your yard is a peaceful place to you, it will be to animals as well! Adding a water feature can attract more birds and other kinds of animals to your yard. Having animal visitors can positively affect other plants and elements of your landscape. If you want more wildlife on your property, you should certainly consider installing a water feature.

Difficulties of a Water Feature

    • Price

Something you should consider when thinking about installing a water feature is the price. A typical fountain can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on things like size, material, and shipping. However, there are also installation costs and piping costs if you don’t already have that installed in the area you’re implementing the water feature. This can all add to the price, so you should get your water feature quoted by a landscape aquatic specialist before you proceed. There are lots of ways to cut down on costs, so make sure to ask lots of questions when you’re getting quoted.

    • Maintenance

Maintenance is definitely something you should think about before you get a water feature installed. It requires attention, and if you live in an area with freezing temperatures, there are extra precautions you need to take during the cold season to make sure your water feature works year after year. When you’re pricing out your fountain or pool, be sure to factor in the cost of maintenance. There will likely be a yearly visit from a trained professional to make sure everything is working properly.

Water features make a great addition to landscapes and will look great in your yard. If you’re interested in installing one or have more questions, give us a call or click through our website for more information.

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