Things to do in the Winter to Prepare for Your Spring Landscape

Things to do in the Winter to Prepare for Your Spring Landscape

While we may be in the depths of a cold winter, spring is really only a few months away. There are many things you can be doing now that will prepare you for a successful spring season! If you want to learn some simple things you can start doing now to prepare for your spring landscape, read the sections below!

Keep Your Yard Free of Snow and Depris

While shoveling snow may seem mundane, it actually plays a big role in your ability to prepare for the spring. Where do you leave your big piles of snow? Do you create heaps of snow on top of your lawn that take weeks to fully defrost? This may be a good temporary solution for when you’re trying to get out the door to work, but this can create issues long-term. Some property owners find that when the snow thaws in the spring, they’re left with spots of Snow Mold. This is a fungus that attacks turf-grass and can be very problematic. You can prevent this by creating piles of snow on other areas of your property!

You may also find that as you get snow throughout the winter, you’re left with a lot of dead leaves and other plant debris on your property. Periodically checking your lawn and other areas of your property for debris and getting rid of what you can will make a spring clean-up much easier and will help prevent a variety of issues. 

Contact Professionals NOW for Work in the Spring

The time to contact a landscaping company about construction or maintenance work is not at the peak of the spring or summer season. While this may work out some of the time, it is much better to schedule any work you want ahead of time. Many landscaping companies book out their projects months in advance! Winter is the perfect time to schedule projects and lock in your schedule! This will help you ensure you get all of your projects done when spring comes. 

Examine Your Trees Periodically

Even during the winter, your trees are susceptible to disease, rot, and damage. The heavy snow can put stress on branches, and the salts used to melt your snow may reach your tree’s roots and cause damage. Also, when animals get desperate, they’ll eat just about any type of tree you can imagine. This is why it is very important to periodically check your trees throughout the winter. If it seems like they are under any stress, you definitely want to consider calling a tree professional. Catching issues early on makes them much more manageable in the spring. 

Apply Pre-Emergents

You can act now to prevent weeds this spring! Pre-emergents can be applied towards the end of the winter and will save you a lot of effort later on. However, making sure you apply the right pre-emergent at the right time can take a bit of planning and research. What you apply and when depends a lot on the area that you live. Doing your research now will allow you to order your product ahead of time, or schedule professional pest control specialists before they’re booked. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our licensed pest specialists!

Order Plants, Furniture, and Supplies Ahead of Time

Too many people wait until the spring and summer to order the things they need only to find it all to be sold out. This is especially true for outdoor furniture and certain plants. Nurseries can sell out of popular species making them difficult to come by! Winter is a great time to research trends and decide on what you want to buy. By not waiting until the last minute, you’ll also give yourself enough time to compare prices and get the best deal!

Create a Maintenance Plan

Winter is the perfect time to sit down either with your landscape maintenance company or by yourself to create a plan. When are you going to turn your irrigation back on? When will you do your spring clean-up? How often will you mow and water your lawn? Thinking about all of this now and creating a plan will make you well prepared for any spring challenges that arise. This will especially be helpful for you if you’re working with a landscape maintenance company because they can schedule your services way ahead of time!

While there may not be much to do for your landscape during the winter months, doing these simple things will help you bring your property back to life in the Spring! If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our landscaping professionals. 

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