Whether you’re trying to prepare your property for the real estate market or just make improvements for yourself to enjoy, there are many simple things you can do that will make a big difference. Your landscaping is often what gives people their first impression of your home, and too often it’s a space on a property that goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Read this article to learn about some simple landscaping renovations that add value to your home!

Create a Consistent Design Style

One small thing that makes a huge difference in deciding on a specific design style and staying consistent with it throughout your entire landscape. Sometimes there’s just something special about a landscape that people just can’t put their finger on, and it’s usually the style and character. With homes that have been passed from owner to owner or that were built by a generic contracting company, sometimes there’s no style or a mix of styles that don’t match. Maybe your front yard is modeled after an English garden while your backyard is very modern. Decide on a style that you love, and see what you need to change to make that happen. Consulting with a landscape designer is highly recommended for this.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

One important part of landscape design is creating usable outdoor living spaces. You’re much more likely to use your landscape if there are areas where you can have fun and relax. This can include fire pits, outdoor furniture, gazebos, an outdoor kitchen, a play area for your kids, or anything else. Creating these spaces adds value to your home because it adds to the character and usability of your property.

Install Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a small change that makes a big difference. Click here to read an article all about outdoor lighting and its benefits. Overall, outdoor lighting adds to the safety, accessibility, and aesthetics of your home. You can use it to highlight your favorite landscaping features, light up pathways, draw attention to certain areas, and prevent intrusions. This all adds appeal and value to your property. 

Plant Trees

Trees are an amazing element to invest in and they truly do add value to your property. Read this article for in depth information on the benefits of trees. The best time to plant trees is right now. Why? Because the longer your trees are growing, the taller, stronger, and more beautiful they get! Trees create privacy, provide shade, add beauty, height, texture, and make a landscape look more mature. Trees pay for themselves over the years for many reasons. They help keep your house cool by providing shade and cutting your electricity bill, and they are usually a cheaper alternative to expensive fencing and other privacy barriers. They’re also great for the environment and your health! If you’re on the fence about planting trees, talk to one of our professionals to learn what they can do for your unique property.

Install a Water Feature

Every landscape needs a beautiful focal point. Water features are a great option for many reasons. They quickly elevate the feel of your landscape through sight, touch, and smell. The sound of running water is relaxing and sets a luxurious tone! A water feature will increase the value of your home by making your landscape feel more elegant and relaxing.

Improve Curb Appeal

This renovation can involve a lot of different elements such as painting your front door, updating your outdoor address numbers, getting a new mailbox, fixing up or upgrading your front porch, improving your front walkway, refinishing your driveway, or anything the front of your house needs to get a “facelift”. These things may seem small and insignificant, but they add up and make a better first impression on those seeing your house. Potential homebuyers will appreciate the small things as they envision themselves living there. Upgrading your address numbers will make your home easier to find. Fixing the cracks in your driveway will make your home feel newer. A new mailbox that matches your freshly painted door will make people feel right at home. These small (and usually affordable changes) will make a huge difference!

Use some of these ideas to improve your home’s appearance and value. If you have questions or need help on one of your landscaping projects, give our professional landscapers a call today!

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