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Plant Identification Tips

Plant Identification Tips There are so many different kinds of plants out there that it can be really intimidating trying to identify each one. Maybe you’ve moved into a new home and love one of the plants in your yard, but you don’t know what it is or how to take care of it. It […]
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Interior Trees: Are They a Good Idea?

Interior Trees: Are They a Good Idea? In recent years, so many people have been bringing trees inside the walls of their homes. You’ve probably seen at least one fiddle leaf fig in the home of a friend or family member. Trees can be a really great way to incorporate plants into your home’s landscape […]
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What Bulbs Are and When You Should Plant Them

What Bulbs Area and When You Should Plant Them Who doesn’t love a beautiful, blooming tulip? They’re known for their bright, animated appearance, and are used by many in landscapes. However, beneath them lies a unique specialized modified stem called a bulb. People are often intimidated by plants that start out as bulbs because they […]
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Hydretain: What is it? Does it Work?

Hydretain: What is it? Does it Work? If you’re on the lookout for new landscaping products, you’ve probably noticed that there are new concoctions on the market every day that claim to do miraculous things for plants and soil. It’s hard to know what works and what’s a scam. While you can’t try the thousands […]
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Your Snow Removal Guide for the Winter

Your Snow Removal Guide for the Winter Snow removal is always at the top of your to-do list after a storm hits, but never the thing you actually want to spend your time doing. Whether or not you like the snow, it’s simply a hassle to keep your driveway, walkways, and yards clear of ice and built […]
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Why The Landscaper Is The Best For Your Business ?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that everyone here at Candide is obsessed with gardening. Which means our spare time is split pretty evenly between playing around in our own gardens and reading about other people’s. With this in mind, we thought we would share with you our top ten gardening blogs for […]
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